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sadlilemogirl's Journal

★Beauty In Its Embrace★
14 February
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16 candles, acoustic guitars, aim, american sign language, anger, apple juice, applebee's salad, aquarius, astrology, atheism, atticus, backrubs, bandaids, being alone, being silly, belts, black, black and white pictures, black eyeliner, black hair, black nail polish, blacklights, body pillows, bologna sandwhiches, book store, boy sets fire, boys, boys in flip-flops, brett detar, brian regan, burgerville, candles, chai tea, chinese food, chocolate milk, chuck taylors, coffee, coloring books, concerts, converse, crying, dark makeup, dashboard confessional, digital cameras, drawing, driving, driving in p-town, emo, emo supremo, evanescence, five point stars, flirting, french fries, friends, frostys, girlfriends, goodwill, guitar, hair dye, hello kitty, holidays, horoscopes, hugs, icy hot, incense, jamba juice, juliana theory, kissing, laughing, lightning, liptons iced tea, love, lucky charms, lunchboxes, lust, making out, markers, martha stewart, movies, music, my bed, my trampoline, my truck, new york, nine inch nails, no school days, oija board, panties, pearberry, pictures, piercings, plastic braclets, pot holes, punk boys, punk rawk, randomness, raves, reading, red, reflection cards, reject choir, role playing, rufio, sappy songs, sarcasm, screaming, screwed the pooch, sex, sharpies, shopping, shows, sideburns, silver, singing, skipping class, sleeping, snowboarding, spazzing, sponge bob, starbucks, stars, student rick, study hall, subway, summer, sunny days, sunsets, suntan lotion, swimming, taco bell, tarot cards, tattoos, the ataris, the dark, the library, the waahoo road, thunderstorms, true friends, tube socks, twinkys, two toned converse, underground bands, valentines day, value village, vintage, volcom jeans, walking to biology, wicca, you